Bethany Barr-Phillips

Bethany Barr-Phillips

Worship Leader

Bethany Barr Phillips has been singing and writing since the age of 17. Leading worship and performing originals, she travels all over the country every opportunity she gets to share the message of the love & hope that is found in Jesus Christ alone.

In 2000, she crossed paths with Morgan Cryar, and they made a full-length record. It was entitled Stained White and soon after, she had opportunities to open for artists such as Andrew Peterson and Bebo Norman as well as travel internationally to spread the message of Hope.

In January of 2006, Bethany was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer after miscarrying her first child. After six months of chemotherapy, she was cancer free and is now a mother to three year old, Isaiah Jewel.

The record Roots Run Deep was born out of this trial. “So that they may be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.” Isa 61:3c. This verse is where God showed His plan to her – He will always be glorified. “What a God I serve, that He would choose me to glorify Him!” she says joyfully. “I knew that if I was gonna make it out alive, I had to be rooted in him. Cancer was not a joy in any way, but I choose to look at it as a journey that took me to a new place in my relationship with Jesus, a place where I had to be real and I’m not looking back.”

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