Student Leadership University has been privileged to host Youth Pastor Summit (YPS) for youth pastors and their teams for the past 23 years. Youth Pastor Summit, valued at $300, is provided as a $10 gift to youth pastors, youth workers, youth volunteers, and educators as an encouragement and investment in those who are making a lasting impact in the lives of students. This conference includes speakers, worship, lunch, and free resources for student ministries. 


Youth Pastor Summit is typically a two-day event, we host in Orlando, Southern California, Dallas, Nashville, and Up State New York.  In an effort to further expand YPS to reach leaders across the world, we’re offering a YPS VIRTUAL experience.  During this incredible online event, you will hear from some of the best thought-leaders, communicators, authors, and ministry practitioners. 


Join us for the first ever YPS Virtual, as thousands of youth pastors and leaders from across the country connect together for this special ONE DAY event. It is our privilege to host YPS Virtual in partnership with LifeWay Students.




OCTOBER 24, 2019

11:00 am - Opening & Welcome

11:05 am - Session 1 - Plenary 1

11:32 am - Session 2 - Topical 1

11:47 am - Session 3 - Topical 2

12:02 pm - Session 4 - Topical 3

12:20 pm - Lunch

12:57 pm - Session 5 - Plenary 2

1:24 pm - Session 6 - Plenary 3

1:56 pm - Session 7 - Topical 4

2:11 pm - Session 8 - Plenary 4

2:38 pm - Session 9 - Topical 5

2:53 pm - Session 10 - Plenary

3:30 pm - Conference Ends

Contact an Event Representative

Nikki Hoffpauir


Is the $10 per person or per group?

The $10 fee is still per person. We ask that you use the honor system and fill out the question of how many will be in your group when you are going through registration truthfully.  

Does my SLU account still work?

This is the one registration event that is not through our normal system. Once you click on our link, you will be directed to LifeWay’s website and will need to make an account through them. If you already have a LifeWay account you can use the same login you have used before, just not your SLU one.

Can I register my whole group under one account?

This event does allow you to register as a group.   Accounts should be set up under your ministry’s primary contact and from there you can add your entire team.

Can I login late?

Yes, if you can’t make it for the whole thing you will be able to log in late. The code you will receive is valid for the whole day.

How do I watch?

Closer to the event on October 24, you will be emailed a login code and information on how to watch YPS Virtual online.


Ministry Partner

Lifeway Students
Lifeway Students
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