Welcome to YPS 2020 Registration! 

Thank you for your interest in bringing you and your group to YPS.  Registration for our Spring events openned on January 9, 2020 at 10 AM EST. Space for these events fills quickly so make sure your entire team knows to register as soon as it opens. 

Please choose your city below to register once it opens - our team is excited to see you at YPS!

Content available for purchase: 


There are a few things to know to help you register:

  • Decide if you are going to register as a group or as an individual:
    • NEW This Year: We have opened a Group and/or Family Registration Option. This will allow you to register members of your team or family under one account and pay at one time. All members must have a unique email address. You will need to know each team members' email address and date of birth (must be 18 at the time of registration) to register them.
    • If you are registering as a group, make sure all your group members are under your account.  If a member of your group already has an SLU account with their email address but is currently not a member of your group account online, you will need to email us at yps@studentleadership.net so we can add them.
    • Please note that for YPS Orlando ONLY, groups are capped at 5. Because of space limitations with this event, we are only able to allow five people from one ministry to register YPS Orlando. If you would like to bring more than five from your ministry, we suggest you register for one of our other YPS events that do not have capacity issues. If through the registration process we see that more than five individuals are registered from the same ministry, we will contact the ministry leader to confirm which five should remain registered.
  • Be Prepared for the Registration Administrative Fee: Advance registration for each event is $10 and the advance registration closes the Friday before each spring event at 5 PM. If there is still space available (which is not always the case as some events do fill up), we will allow walk-up registrations. The registration fee for walk-ups is $20 and must be brought in cash.  
  • Learn More about the Opportunities for Educators at our YPS Events:  This year we are excited to offer an additional training called our Educator Track in conjunction with our Orlando, FL and Dallas, TX Youth Pastor Summits that will focus specifically on cultivating a healthy student leadership culture on school campuses. Led by Emily Pigott who brings 20 years of experience as a Christian school administrator and educator, this training is crafted for Christian schools and is filled with practical applications that will equip educators to identify and develop student leaders. Attendees that participate in both YPS and this training will earn 1.5 CEU’s. This training will take place on the Tuesday morning of YPS during the breakout labs and lunch. Because of our commitment to walk alongside Christian school educators, this training, which is typically valued at $150, is being offered this year for only an additional $10 administrative fee and you must register for this in advance. For Educators who attend our Youth Pastor Summits in Nashville, TN and Southern California, you can earn 1 CEU for attending YPS.  You just need to check-in with our staff onsite to let us know, and we can issue a certificate after YPS. 
  • Get More Specific Info on Your YPS Event: Check out each individual YPS event page to read through the FAQ'S, to find information on partner hotels, to check out the event line-up and to download the event guide. 
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