Educator Track at Youth Pastor Summit

We are excited to offer an additional training in conjunction with our Orlando, FL and Dallas, TX, Youth Pastor Summits that will focus specifically on providing educators with a blueprint for cultivating a sustainable, healthy student leadership culture on their campus. Led by Emily Pigott who brings 20 years of experience as a Christian school administrator and educator, this training is crafted for Christian schools and Student Ministries and is filled with practical applications that will equip educators to identify and develop student leaders. Attendees that participate in both YPS and this training will earn 1.5 CEU’s.


Create a Sustainable Leadership Culture on Your Campus


Creating an educational environment that engages and inspires today’s students is challenging. Moving students from apathy to action and helping them not only realize their incredible potential but actually exceed expectations is possible. We just need to have a plan. 


In this interactive, 2-hour session, educators will discover how they can create an environment that enables their students to lead in a way that counters culture and inspires others to do the same. They will learn how they can play a vital role in rising up an army of students that value leadership and are willing to step out of the cultural norm and lead this generation for the glory of God.



  • Discover how to create and implement a healthy student leadership culture
  • Establish methods to identify and develop student leaders by providing them with a sustainable and applicable training program that can be incorporated during the school day, Sunday School, small groups, etc.
  • Identify and train staff members that will partner together to lead a Student Leadership Development program on their campus

A customized and specific training is available for organizations that desire a Student Leadership Development plan tailored specifically for their campus.  Emily will personally create a plan for each organization, train the staff on how to implement the plan and provide mentorship as organizations prepare to launch a Student Leadership Development program on their campus. Contact Emily Pigott for more information on this customized training.

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