The Psalmist wrote, “Happy are the people whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.” He was describing a people who were joyful because their strength was in the Lord as they took an annual trip to Jerusalem. It could be properly understood that they journeyed with the highways on the hearts. For those who follow Jesus today, we are pilgrims, travelers, wanderers making our way to the heaven country that is our home. At SLU we seek to help a generation wander well and tell a different kind of story with their lives, one that has redemption as the theme and the Redeemer as the central figure. After all, as the oft-quoted author Tolkien penned in Lord of the Rings, “Not all who wander are lost.” So, let’s journey well. Let’s travel a path paved for those on a daring adventure following Jesus, let's wander with the highways on our hearts.


That is why SLU is proud to announce the Wander box, a monthly resource designed to help you journey with your head in the clouds while walking the road less traveled. Each box will have a different theme related to making the most of the moments God has given each of us. Each box will contain three key ingredients:


  1. An idea to ponder
  2. An activity to initiate
  3. A practice to embrace


The first installment of the Wander box will ship September 2020 and will run for ten months at a monthly cost of $35.




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