There isn’t a day that goes by where Taylor doesn’t apply something she learned from SLU. Whether it be from 101 where she was taught the importance of dreaming and using her passions for God’s glory, from 201 where she was able to understand the true cost of freedom, or 301 teaching her to never stop short and that leaders can be born anywhere, SLU has forever changed her life. Starting the summer after her freshman year of college, she had the privilege to serve as a a SLU summer staffer. She has served every summer since until now being hired as a full-time team member. 


Taylor just recently graduated from Samford University with a degree in Public Relations. She loves reading books written by CEOs of companies because she never gets tired of learning how they were able to make nothing into something. She thinks bike riding is very underrated, and also keeps roller blades in the back of her car. Moving from Birmingham, AL to the melting pot of Orlando, FL has been quite the leap, but she is excited to see all that the Lord is going to do in SLU over these next years.  

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