Johnnie Moore is the best-selling author of DEFYING ISIS: Preserving Christianity in the Place of It's Birth and In Your Own Backyard. He is a humanitarian who has been called one of the "world's most influential young leaders" and "a modern day Dietrich Bonhoeffer." The Vicar of Baghdad named him "one of America's foremost spokespersons for international religious freedom," PR News appointed him one of America's top young executives, Christianity Today deemed him a "who's next" leader & the Washington Post profiled his work in a major, front page feature. He has appeared on dozens of leading television, radio, print and online outlets to provide expert analysis and commentary on the world’s largest most troubled regions. He is also a widely read opinion columnist whose work has appeared in The Washington Post, Fox News, Relevant Magazine and CNN. He serves on the boards of World Help, the National Association of Evangelicals, and the World Evangelical Alliance.

In 2014, Moore witnessed the current Middle East refugee crisis rsthand, having met with everyone from the King of Jordan to orthodox patriarchs
and Catholic cardinals, the world’s largest NGO’s, members of the Iraqi government, the United Nations and hundreds of refugees. The result was The Cradle Fund, a non-profit organization focused on providing immediate humanitarian assistance for the rescue, restoration and return of displaced Christians to practice their faith free from fear. In the first quarter of 2015 The Cradle Fund rescued more than 100,000 ISIS-effected refugees. Moore has also worked in more than two dozens countries including with genocide victims in the Middle East, Bosnia and Rwanda and visited the world’s largest refugee camps on the borders of Somalia and Syria.

He is the founder of THE KAIROS COMPANY, a boutique consultancy. Moore served for a dozen years at the 100,000-student Liberty University where he was a Professor of Religion, chaplain and Senior Vice President before moving to Hollywood to work with a multiple Emmy award winning television producer. 

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