One thinker captivated with God-honoring ideas can transform the future.
One dreamer in quarantine can change the world.
One leader willing to do the hard stuff can be used to do more than they could ever have imagined.

Thinkers…dreamers…leaders…needed now, not later.

Reimagining, dreaming and creating are all concepts that we teach our students and is our natural response when facing new and unexpected realities.  As it became clear that our summers would look different in 2020, our SLU team went to work figuring out how to give our students the leadership training experience they desire, while honoring state and local guidelines/recommendations. Therefore, WE ARE NOT CANCELLING SLU 201, but we are reimagining the SLU 201 conference to be experienced virtually without getting on a plane or bus and staying in a hotel around hundreds of people. The result is SLU 201 Reimagined.

What Will I Learn? 


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