One thinker captivated with God-honoring ideas can transform the future.
One dreamer in quarantine can change the world.
One leader willing to do the hard stuff can be used to do more than they could ever have imagined.

Thinkers…dreamers…leaders…needed now, not later.

Reimagining, dreaming and creating are all concepts that we teach our students and is our natural response when facing new and unexpected realities.  As it became clear that our summers would look different in 2020, our SLU team went to work figuring out how to give our students the leadership training experience they desire, while honoring state and local guidelines/recommendations. Therefore, WE ARE NOT CANCELLING SLU 101, but we are reimagining our Summer SLU 101 conferences to be experienced virtually without getting on a plane or bus and staying in a hotel around hundreds of people. 

What Will I Learn? 


What's included in the SLU 101 Reimagined Experience?

  1.  Your very own "SLU Journey Box" 
    • Contains a variety of activities, visual aids and games.
    • Is designed to facilitate problem solving, imagination, discovery, and analysis of the content being consumed through the leadership development journey.
    • Each session will contain something tangible that will encourage and accompany the student in growing in their leadership. In other words, everything about SLU 101 Reimagined is now completely hands on!
  2. A highly engaging virtual platform
    • SLU 101 core sessions are condensed and highly creative -- See 10 Components that will be covered HERE.
    • Is designed to guide the student through the "SLU Journey Box," thus meeting the student in their physical context and allowing them to drive their own learning process.
  3. A Communal Spirit
    • Students will be able to interact and ask questions of the presenters.
    • There will be an opportunity for students to connect with each other, networking, interacting and learning together.

What are the age requirements for SLU 101 Reimagined?

To attend as a single, a student must be at least 15 years old. To attend with a group, students should be at least 14 years old and going into 8th grade.

How will I access the conference online?

Information will be sent to the email with which you have registered at least one week prior to the event. Go ahead and have Google Chrome downloaded on your computer as that is the best browser on which to view the conference.

Note: If you are a group leader having multiple students participate in this experience with you, an SLU representative will be in contact with you.

How long is the conference?

SLU 101 Reimagined will last 3 days, from morning to afternoon with a break for lunch. Click here for a tentative full schedule. 

Should I "dress for success" or can I stay in my PJs?

To set yourself up for success, we recommend that you attend this conference just as you would if you were attending in person at a nice hotel.

What is in the SLU 101 Reimagined Journey Box?

A customized "SLU Journey Box" will contain a variety of activities, visual aids and games designed to facilitate problem solving, imagination, discovery, and analyzing the content being consumed through the leadership development journey. Each session will contain something tangible that will encourage and accompany the student in growing in their leadership.

When and where will I receive the Journey Box?

​​​​​​You will receive the box at least one week before the first date of the conference. We recommend you don’t open it until the day of the conference!

If you are attending as a single/individual, your box will be shipped to the address provided on your liability waiver - please be sure to complete the waiver at least 25 days before the first date of the conference. 

If you are attending with a group, your box will be mailed to the church or school that you are attending with. If needing an exception to the shipment location, please have your group leader email your full name and shipping address to at least 15 days before the first date of the conference.

What materials should I have at my "at home" work station?

We recommend having a computer or laptop with good internet connection to view the conference, a Bible, a pen or pencil to take notes (syllabus will be provided), a space to watch the conference (we suggest designating one space for all 3 days), and a credit card if you want to purchase resources/merch from the SLU online store.

Recommended but not required: A smartphone with which to view Virtual Reality experiences and videos (VR Headset will be provided). App download instructions will be made available to you the week of the event.

What if I am a group leader and still want my group to attend together?

You are welcome to gather together and watch sessions if government regulations allow! Either way, we recommend having debrief sessions at the end of each day. This can be accomplished on your own via video chat or by gathering together if government regulations allow.

Will I be able to go back and watch the content later?

This conference is LIVE with interactive components such as a Q & A time with the speaker just as if you were attending in a ballroom setting. Therefore, sessions will not be available once the conference concludes.

Can I pay for one registration and then watch it with a group?

There will be individualized access codes sent out with one-time log-ins and will not be valid for multiple users. Only the person registered will be eligible to move on to the next step of the SLU journey.

What if I’m already registered for SLU 101 in Orlando or San Antonio?

Below are the details for you to consider as you choose the best option for you, your group or your family:

  • Transfer your current registration to one of our SLU 101 Reimagined virtual options. The dates are below. The great part about this is that this option gives you a savings of over $400 that can be saved in preparation for your SLU 201 journey.
  • Transfer your existing registration and current amount already paid for any week in summer 2020 (minus transaction fees) to the corresponding week in the summer of 2021. Please note that the balance due will be based upon the 2021 prices and the payment schedule will follow the 2021 dates. If you make this transfer and then are unable to attend in 2021, your deposit will be non-refundable.

  • Due to all of the available options listed above, if you choose to simply cancel your registration for summer 2020, you will lose your non-refundable deposit as we have already paid monies for costs that cannot be recuperated at this time.

Once you determine which of the above options best suits your individual or group, please email our team at and we will work with you to make the applicable changes.

What is the cancellation policy for SLU Reimagined?

Cancellation Policy:

  • 45 days or more before event: Deposit will be lost
  • Less than 45 days before departure: 100% of the total cost of the program will be forfeited.

Transfer Policy: Transfers for this program will not be allowed 30 days or less before the program begins due to the resources that will be mailed to attendees. 

To cancel or transfer a registration, please email


What if I have already paid more than the $200 - when will I get that refunded?

Please request all refunds at  Once the request is received, we will process it within 45 business days and issue the refund.

What is the payment schedule and what payment options are available?

A $100 deposit is due at the time of registration, and the remaining balance is due 45 days before the program begins. Any registration not paid in full by this day will incur a $25 late fee. You have the following options for your registration payments:

  • Paper Checks: You can mail these to our office (SLU, 7380 W Sand Lake Rd, Suite 100, Orlando, FL 32819). Checks must be received within ten days of registration.
  • Credit Cards: You can use AMEX, VISA, MC, or Discover. A 3% transaction fee will be added to any credit card payments.

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