Announcing the School of Leadership 


The School of Leadership is a ministry of Student Leadership University and provides educators and student leaders with a comprehensive leadership training program that can be implemented into any environment. In-depth leadership training is provided through eight engaging semster-long courses that equip students to develop strong and lasting leadership skills that will allow them to lead with intentionality and purpose. 


This curriculum is designed to create a tried and true blueprint of what is required of those that desire to lead.  It’s for those that look at the state of the world and refuse to settle for the way things are. Those that are determined to leave the world better than they found it, not for praise or glory for themselves, but because God requires us to be good stewards of the gifts He has given us.


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8 Semester-Long Courses*:

  1. Influence – Leadership Begins at the Feet of Jesus
  2. Mentorship – Discovering How Learners Become Leaders
  3. Time – The Soul’s Autobiography
  4. Relationships – Developing a Relational Approach to Leadership
  5. Motivation – The Invisible Labor
  6. Engagement – A Practical Guide to Cultural Engagement
  7. Calling – Discovering my Calling
  8. Dreaming – Imagineology and the Central Goal of Leadership

*Includes an Instructor’s Guide and Video teachings.


Each Lesson Contains:

  • Leadership Objective – A concept or skillset that students will need to master to effectively lead with influence. Each lesson will encourage students to think, process, evaluate, discover, analyze, and create, and will build upon the other to ensure mastery of content.
  • Consider This – Stories bring concepts to life and create memorable experiences that will enable concepts to move from abstract to concrete learning. This section provides a foundational approach to providing students with the context needed to draw conclusions and gain knowledge.
  • Discover This – Discovery learning is an inquiry-based, constructivist learning theory that takes place in problem solving situations where the student draws on his or her own past experiences and existing knowledge to discover facts, relationships, and new truths to be learned. Students interact with the world by exploring and manipulating objects, wrestling with questions and controversies, or performing experiments. 
  • The Real-World Walkaway – True habit transformation takes time, consistency, and a good dose of effort. This section will give students practical ways to implement leadership principles into circumstances and realities of everyday life.
  • At the End of the Day – To live a life filled with purpose, one must be willing to look deep within and identify areas of strength as well as areas where growth is needed. Students will consider thoughtful ideas and questions and record their ponderings so that their leadership growth is documented. This will provide them with the ability to see the many ways God has worked in their lives as they have gone through their own leadership journey.

If your students are looking for an easy path, then leadership is not for them. The road ahead will be riddled with boulders and pits and snares. Life is often like that.  However, they no longer have to settle for the mediocre or the mundane. Life is meant to be a grand adventure and when they lean fully into the calling God has upon their life, nothing can compare to the joys that lie ahead. In conjunction with the SLU journey 101-401, the School of Leadership provides the tools to students as they build their life story, while chasing their dreams and changing the world.


Instructor's Guide

A comprehensive Instructor’s Guide is available for each course and provides the instructor with resources, ideas, activities, thoughtful questions, and a blueprint for walking with their students as they engage in their leadership development journey.


Each Instructor’s Guide comes with the following Resources:

  • PDF Instructor’s Guide
  • 12-15 professionally produced teaching videos from experts in their field
  • 30-minute vision casting meeting with one of the authors
  • Access to one of the authors for questions as needed

School of Leadership Pre-training for Instructors


Through this exclusive, customized, and interactive pre-training, educators and ministry leaders will discover how they can create an environment that enables their students to learn to lead in a way that counters culture and inspires others to do the same. This training is crafted for Christian schools and student ministries and is filled with practical applications that will equip instructors to identify and develop student leaders and utilize the curriculum effectively. A pre-training meeting will be held to ensure that the training is crafted for the unique needs of those that are utilizing it. They will learn how they play a vital role in raising up an army of students that value leadership and are willing to step out of the cultural norm to lead and influence this generation.


Contact Emily Pigott at to schedule a time to discuss how the School of Leadership can become a part of your students' leadership development.


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