It’s been said many times, “Life is like a camera…we must focus on what is important, capture the good times, and develop from the negative!” A loss of FOCUS can hijack our ability to maximize the plan and purpose God has for us.  We live in the land of plenty, a world that is filled with so many options and alternatives.  So much so, that it can be easy for us to lose sight of what matters most. We are constantly bombarded with negative images that counter Christian culture and tempt us to pull away from God, with a false hope that we can somehow successfully rewrite our own life-narrative.  As a result, we lose our identity and we lose our way because we’re seeking acceptation and validation from worldly things.  When our lives are out of FOCUS, we have a difficult time capturing the truth of our Heavenly Father’s relentless love and pursuit of us. It’s only through a disciplined lifestyle of choosing to see every blessing and struggle through the lens of Christ, that we can “focus on what is important, capture the good times, and develop from the negative!”


This year at The LIFT Tour 2020, our goal is to create an environment where every student will develop a clear vision for their life and future.  As we dive into the story of the lost son in Luke 15, our hope is to inspire, encourage, and remind every participate of the truth found in God’s Word; that no matter how far we run from God, when you FOCUS your heart and attention on the Father, you will see that His FOCUS is always to receive and redeem the lost. 

Therefore, throughout the weekend we will identify the four levels of FOCUS that are found in Luke 15:


1. The Father: The focus of the Father is to pursue the lost

2. Our Freedom: Our freedom is found in knowing our identity

3. Misplaced Faith: Misplaced faith forms when we think we desire more

4. The Friend Factor: As the Father focuses on us, we must focus on our friends



Hotel Information

Holiday Inn Express and Suites

  • 3101 Dallas Pkwy, Plano TX 75093
  • 972-403-1112
  • $109
  • February 8, 2020. Based on availability.


Contact an Event Representative

Kaitlyn Miller


Why is LIFT Dallas only 1 day?

LIFT Dallas is a one day event on a Thursday because we are partnered with local Christian schools to provide a LIFT Tour program during chapel. We will still have a band, artist, and two speakers!

Is lunch included at LIFT Dallas?

Yes! On most of our LIFT stops lunch is not included, but in Dallas it is because of the 1 day model that is geared toward schools.

What can I expect at a LIFT Tour date?

At the LIFT Tour, there will be four Gospel-centered messages that cater to both middle and high schoolers, high energy worship, built-in, optional time for small group discussions, and a weekend experience that will inspire your students to be the best version of themselves, leaning into who God created them to be.

Who should come to a LIFT Tour event?

Students in middle-high school, youth pastors, youth workers, educators, and teachers. This event is designed for students 6-12th grade who are unfamiliar with church, regular church goers and those passionately pursuing their Savior.

Who is an "adult?"

Anyone over 18 years old who the church identifies as a chaperone, volunteer, or part-time/full-time staff member. Adults are always $25.

I have small children, can they attend with me?

We think families are great, and time together is important. Yet, this event is only for middle and high school students and their adult leaders. We want everyone to have the best experience possible at this event, so please make arrangements to leave your children under 10 years old at home or arrange for childcare while you serve or attend the event.

How much does LIFT Tour cost?

 Our pricing structure is as follows:

  • Early Bird: $42 per student ends August 30th
  • Fall Price: $49 per student ends November 15th
  • The $54 per student price this year will end the day before the event at the end of the business day, 5 pm EST.
  • $59 per student at the door registrations
  • Adults are always $25


What's included in the LIFT registration?

  • Conference Admission for 4 Sessions
  • Show or concert with the weekend artist
  • Listening guide for every participant

Are meals included at LIFT?

No. Meals are not included in your registration. For certain cities, we will have partners that offer box lunches for purchase on Saturday. In those cities, all group leaders will receive information by email when group lunches for order are available.

Is group pricing available for LIFT?

If you have more than 100 students attending, please call 407-248-0300 x17 or email for group pricing options. 

Are discounts available for pastors?

Any new group is allowed up to two free adult registrations for the primary youth pastor + their spouse as a special gift from the LIFT Team. A primary student pastor has the opportunity to attend LIFT Tour for free regardless of whether they bring a group or not. Anyone wanting to take advantage of this must call 407-248-0300 ext. 20 before making payment for the group to receive the discount. Please email if you would like to attend LIFT and are not planning to bring a group. We would like to help you make arrangements and provide you with some more information.

When does LIFT registration cut off?

LIFT Tour registration online will be turned off at the close of business the Thursday before the event at 5:00 pm EST. After registration closes, you can still register more students at the $59 rate at the door. Adults are always $25.

What is the LIFT Tour Cancellation Policy?

Regardless of any reason, cancellations and transfers cost Student Leadership University. To offset these costs, the following fees will apply. In fairness to others, we cannot make exceptions.

Cancellation Fees:

  • 30 days or more before the event: 50% of the total cost of the program will be forfeited.
  • Less than 30 days before the event: 100% of the total cost of the program will be forfeited. All registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable at 30 days out from the conference.
  • To cancel a registration, please email

All monies are due at the time of registration. 

All credit card payments will incur a 3% processing fee. This fee will be added to your account and automatically charged to your credit card within a week of initial payment.

If I mail a check to pay, when does LIFT need to receive it?

We need to receive all checks within 10 business days of your registration date. Your registration will be "pending" until we receive payment. If you are registering near a deadline mark, please make sure your check is mailed and postmarked by that deadline date.

Are there special hotel options for LIFT Tour cities?

Yes, for some cities we will post a hotel with a discounted rate for LIFT Tour groups. You will need to contact and book the hotel rooms directly through the hotel. All payment and booking questions will go through the hotel as well. Check the website of the LIFT city that you are interested in to see if we have a group hotel option posted.

What is the history of the LIFT Tour?

For over 10 years, the LIFT Tour (formerly Leadership Rocks) has provided Student Leadership University with the opportunity to influence tens of thousands of students to maximize their impact with gospel-centered preaching, worship, and a focus on leadership development. The LIFT Tour provides platforms for students from across a community to gather together in a singular location from differing backgrounds, denominations, ethnic groups, churches, and schools to worship Christ and be challenged by Scripture.

What is Student Leadership University?

The vision of SLU is one that is optimistically looking forward towards the goal of empowering, enabling, and equipping students around the globe to rise to the call of leadership along with training students to be able to adequately respond to the challenges presented by an increasingly pluralistic and postmodern culture. Our vision is to train up a generation of leaders who will effectively engage their world on all levels with a contagious passion for Christ in a manner that is also full of both grace and truth. Our vision is to change the world…one student at a time.

Our four cumulative experiences take students behind the scenes of Orlando or San Antonio (101), Washington D.C. (201), Europe (301) and the Holy Land (401) to learn the essence of leadership.

How do I bring LIFT Tour to my city?

We typically look at dates & cities 12-18 months in advance. With most LIFT Tour host sites, there are at least 10 churches that make up a network who agree to bring at least 800 students collaboratively. If you are interested in hosting the LIFT Tour, please email

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