It’s been said many times, “Life is like a camera…we must focus on what is important, capture the good times, and develop from the negative!” A loss of FOCUS can hijack our ability to maximize the plan and purpose God has for us.  We live in the land of plenty, a world that is filled with so many options and alternatives.  So much so, that it can be easy for us to lose sight of what matters most. We are constantly bombarded with negative images that counter Christian culture and tempt us to pull away from God, with a false hope that we can somehow successfully rewrite our own life-narrative.  As a result, we lose our identity and we lose our way because we’re seeking acceptation and validation from worldly things.  When our lives are out of FOCUS, we have a difficult time capturing the truth of our Heavenly Father’s relentless love and pursuit of us. It’s only through a disciplined lifestyle of choosing to see every blessing and struggle through the lens of Christ, that we can “focus on what is important, capture the good times, and develop from the negative!”


This year at The LIFT Tour 2020, our goal is to create an environment where every student will develop a clear vision for their life and future.  As we dive into the story of the lost son in Luke 15, our hope is to inspire, encourage, and remind every participate of the truth found in God’s Word; that no matter how far we run from God, when you FOCUS your heart and attention on the Father, you will see that His FOCUS is always to receive and redeem the lost. 

Therefore, throughout the weekend we will identify the four levels of FOCUS that are found in Luke 15:


1. The Father: The focus of the Father is to pursue the lost

2. Our Freedom: Our freedom is found in knowing our identity

3. Misplaced Faith: Misplaced faith forms when we think we desire more

4. The Friend Factor: As the Father focuses on us, we must focus on our friends



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