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At SLU, we believe that everyone has leadership ability because of the grace of God. We also believe that every student should have the opportunity to engage in leadership training that will equip them to think big thoughts, to dream big dreams and to lead with intentionality and purpose. Our future students will see the world in a way most never will, as we combine unforgettable experiences with top-notch executive leadership training designed to change and shape the rest of their lives. As a SLU donor, you have the opportunity to join our future students on their leadership journey and become one who directly contributes to making their possibilities turn into real-life adventures. 

3 Giving Opportunities: 


  1. Inside Out Strategy – We believe that every student deserves a chance to be a part of this leadership journey, but as our Founder and President, Dr. Jay Strack, says, “There’s potential and talent in every zip code; there’s just not opportunity.” We want to awaken abilities and identify talents within these students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to realize their potential as future leaders of America.
  2. SLU 101 International – Making this incredible leadership journey available across the world is a commitment of SLU. Through our SLU 101 International programs, students have experienced a 15-20 year head start in how to think, dream and lead and now walk with the confidence needed to make a significant leadership impact in their part of the world.
  3. Youth Pastor Summit – We realize that students need strong adult leaders that will walk through life with them.  Youth Pastor Summit is provided as a gift to youth pastors, youth workers, youth volunteers and educators as an encouragement and investment in those who are making a lasting impact in the lives of students.  


4 Partnership Levels to Give Monthly: 


Level 1 - $10

Level 2 – $25

Level 3 – $50

Level 4 – $100


We realize that many of you can do so much more, and we are asking you to give sacrificially in order to further equip SLU with the resources to provide exceptional leadership training programs to students and student leaders all across the world.


In return, we commit to you that we will use every resource we have to train and equip this generation of students to be all they can be for the glory of God. We also commit to continually resource and serve you, our faithful donors, by providing you with exclusive access to speaker content, podcasts and blogs. Additionally, you will receive periodic emails and newsletters designed to keep you informed of the way your donation is changing lives.  We are thankful for men and women who see the potential of this generation and will stand with SLU as we prepare thinkers, dreamers and leaders.



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