What you need to know:

Dr. Jay, Brent and our team could not be more thrilled at the opportunity to have you join us this summer at our SLU programs.  We are continuing to monitor the spread of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. This is a rapidly changing situation, and we will continue to evaluate the situation and develop and execute plans to maintain the safety of our SLU attendees. 


We accept the responsibility of having your students with us at SLU as a privilege. Their safety has been and will always be our number one priority. We have received word that Israel has moved to ban all international conferences and groups. Unlike their first decision on March 9th to close their borders just until March 28th, this new ban comes with no identified end date. Therefore, our travel partners are having to cancel all groups through June.


For this reason, we are canceling our currently scheduled SLU 401 for this year. We know this brings up many questions, and we have tried to answer them below:


What are my options regarding my current registration?

You have two choices. You can either chose to have SLU hold this registration for SLU 401 2021, which is scheduled for June 5-14, 2021 or you can ask for your trip to be refunded.  Please note that all transfer or cancellation requests must come directly from the account holder (meaning if you registered as part of the group, then the group leader will need to communicate your decision). We must have your request to cancel or transfer your registration in writing.  We cannot do this via the phone so please email your request to

  • If you chose to have us transfer your registration to 2021, we will be in touch in early fall with flight options as well as the final price for next year’s trip.

  • If you chose to have your trip refunded, please note that this will be processed in the next 90 days once we receive refunds from our travel partners for what we have already paid on your behalf. You will be refunded completely for anything paid to SLU minus any transaction fees you incurred.

Are there any other things SLU suggests we do now?

Please make sure you go ahead and cancel any travel arrangements that you made for this trip apart from SLU.  Right now, many airlines are either processing refunds or giving travel credit.  If you purchased travel protection, you should begin the process of filing with them once you know what you are not able to get refunded.  You must contact Travel Insured directly about this.


What if I have plans for my family or group to attend another SLU Program this coming summer - does this cancellation apply to all programs?

As we are all aware by now, the situation with COVID-19 is rapidly changing.   Our commitment to you continues to be the same. Our students' and attendees’ safety is our number one priority and will always determine whether or not to move forward with a program.  We are making this unique decision about SLU 401 now because Israel, as a country, is shutting down international travel. This decision does not apply to our SLU 101, 201, or 301 programs at this time.  


Journeying to the Holy Land to literally walk where Jesus walked and experience Scripture in a whole new light is truly an amazing experience. Our team cannot wait to have the privilege to do this with you in 2021. In the meantime, sign up and enjoy a virtual tour of Israel through our long-time travel partners by clicking here and keep digging into Scripture.


Finally, we wanted to share Brent’s latest post as he encourages each of us about the coming days. Know that the world is watching us as Christians. We have been so proud to see how God has worked and shined in your lives these last three years and are praying for how He will use each of you to positively impact your communities in the coming days. We are confident of this: God is on the move. He has always been on the move. His mission cannot be contained, controlled, or quarantined.  Let us ask the Lord daily to use us to share His words as living proof of hope. 


If You Have Further Questions

Our team is committed to serving you well as we walk through the days ahead. Do not hesitate to reach out to our team if you have specific questions as you prepare for this summer. Our direct office number is 407-248-0300 ext. 20.  We at SLU are incredibly excited to be with you and your students as they begin their leadership journey. We are believing this year, as we have seen in past years, that God is going to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or even imagine.  



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