Dear SLU 301 Families,

Know that Dr. Jay, Brent, and our team think about and pray for each of you daily. As we have continued to gather information regarding SLU 301 this summer, it has become clear that in light of current progression of this virus internationally, we cannot guarantee our attendees safety this summer and to wait any longer to make a decision would be to put the resources you have already invested in jeopardy. 


For these reasons, we are cancelling our currently scheduled SLU 301 for this year.   We know this brings up many questions, and we have tried to answer them below:


  • What are your options regarding your current registration?   You have several choices which we have outlined below.  Once you have decided, send your decision for your registration in writing to registration@studentleadership.net.  Please note, this request must come from the email address of the primary group contact.   If you have registered as a group, please send your request to your group leader to communicate with our team.
    • Transfer to 2021: You can choose to transfer your existing registration and monies paid (minus transaction fees) to SLU 301 2021 which is scheduled for July 18-25, 2021. Please note, that the balance due will be based upon the 2021 prices and the payment schedule will follow the 2021 dates.  We will then be in touch in early fall with flight options as well as final price for next year’s trip for you to review.
    • Cancel 2020 Registration: If you choose to cancel, we will refund all money you have paid SLU minus $50 and any transaction fees. While the original non-refundable deposit was $350, we have worked continuously with our travel partners to ensure we recoup as much of your investment as possible. Please note that this will be processed in the next 90 days once we receive refunds from our travel partners for what we have already paid on your behalf.  
    • Get Creative:
      • Invest in Your Leadership Journey: SLU is proud to announce The Wander Box, a monthly resource designed to help you journey with your head in the clouds while walking the road less traveled. Each box will have a different theme related to making the most of the moments God has given each of us and contain three key ingredients:  an idea to be ponder, an activity to initiate, and a practice to embrace. Valued at $350 ($35 per month), you can choose to use part of what you have already invested in SLU 301 to join us on this experiential journey starting this September.
      • Invest in Others’ Leadership Journeys:  If you would like to use some or all of the money you have invested in SLU 301 this summer to donate back to the ministry of SLU, our team would be grateful.  We are working hard every day to continue to fulfill our calling to equip students to impact and influence their culture in the name of Jesus, and we would love to have you join us in this unique way.  We know many of you have been financially impacted by what is going on, and SLU also has been impacted with the cancelation of our international programs.  All donations are tax-deductible. 
  • Are there any other things we suggest you do now?   Please make sure you go ahead and cancel any travel arrangements that you made for this trip apart from SLU.  Right now, many airlines are either processing refunds or giving travel credit. 
  • What should I do about the travel protection I purchased? SLU is contacting Travel Insured on your behalf so that they can begin processing refunds on your behalf.  If you have purchased travel or made arrangements outside of SLU that will not be refunded or given a voucher for and you would like to keep your travel protection to use for this, please email us at registration@studentleadership.net by  5 PM on Tuesday, April 21, 2020,  and we will not include you in the group refund request so you can make your individual claim.
  • What if you have plans for your family or group to attend another SLU program this coming summer - does this cancelation apply to all programs?  As we are all aware by now, the situation with COVID-19 is rapidly changing.   Our commitment to you continues to be the same.  Our students and attendees’ safety is our number one priority and will always determine whether or not to move forward with a program.  You will receive separate emails today for any 101 or 201 registration you may have.

Finally, know that the world is watching us as Christians.  We have been so proud to see how God has worked and shined in your lives these last two years and are praying for how He will use each of you to positively impact your communities in the coming days. We are confident of this: God is on the move. He has always been on the move. His mission cannot be contained, controlled, or quarantined.   Let us ask the Lord daily to use us to share His words as living proof of hope.  


We are believing with you, we are proud of each one of you, and we can’t wait to see you in 2021!




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