We at SLU are so thrilled to be able to partner with the Medi-Share community as one of your National Outreach Partners.   

  1. GIVEAt SLU, we believe that everyone has leadership ability because of the grace of God. We also believe that every student should have the opportunity to engage in leadership training that will equip them to think big thoughts, to dream big dreams and to lead with intentionality and purpose. We also realize that training students is only part of the need. Students need dedicated and equipped adult leaders who can help guide them as they navigate the ever-challenging teenage and young adult years.
  2. GOOr maybe you are passionate about developing the next generation of leaders?   Join us at one of our SLU events serving behind the scenes as we equip students and leaders across the globe. 
  3. GROWWant to help bring these SLU into your community? Help us connect with your church, and other like-minded organizations in your city to minister to people in need wherever you live.



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