The paradox of time is that as we progress into the unknown the issues our students face are constantly shifting, but the ideologies behind those issues seem not to change. This fall, Student Leadership University has gathered four youth experts to share via webinar on how to disciple our students in the face of these issues.

Beginning October 14, the Think Bigger webinar series will tackle these topics head on, giving you the resources you need to help you answer the questions that matter most to your students. Each session will be available for one week only, with a new speaker each week, so be sure to tune in for all four weeks! We will also provide additional resources online, on the SLU blog and on the SLU Facebook Page.

Full webinar schedule:


October 14: "Biblical View of Marijuana" with Ed Newton, Executive Director of the Lift Tour


October 28: "What's the Big Deal with Porn" with Sean McDowell, Worldview Author and Expert  


November 4:  “TBA” Bryan Jones, Youth Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church


Watch the webinar’s right here:


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