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Lift Tour 2014

By Student Leadership University
For over 10 years, the Lift Tour (formerly Leadership Rocks) has provided Student Leadership University with the opportunity to influence... read more

SLU 2013 Summer in Pictures

By Student Leadership University
read more

Rock the Universe 2013

By Dr. Jay Strack
It’s August. You have survived the insanity and greatness of summer student ministry.  I am always impressed by the guys who... read more

Video: Fighting the Dip

By Dr. Jay Strack
By Dr. Jay Strack ... read more

Leading through a Tsunami of Emotions

By Dr. Jay Strack
Leading through a Tsunami of Emotions from SLU. read more

This Isn't Rocket Surgery: 5 Books Every Youth Pastor Must Read by: Dr. Jay Strack

By Dr. Jay Strack
During a recent SLU a young man gave me what I think was a great compliment, Your sessions this week have shown me that this isnt rocket... read more

"Man, that dude needs Preparation H" by Dr. Jay

By Dr. Jay Strack
I awoke this Monday morning with a bad case of the cold sweats. Now for my longtime friends, no, Im not having a flashback, nor am I... read more

Attempt Something Great

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D
During the cloudy days of the Civil War, it was difficult to find joy or strength of spirit. President Lincoln would often slip into a... read more
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