The 4 Disciplines I've Learned from SLU

At Student Leadership University, we strive to equip students to be leaders who think, dream, and lead at the feet of Jesus. One of the ways we develop our students is through the SLU Student Ambassador Program, an opportunity designed to develop students in their leadership skills and abilities as they share their SLU story throughout the year. Each month, Student Ambassadors are given leadership challenges to help them grow in their leadership capabilities. This past spring, we asked our Ambassadors to share how an SLU principle has helped them grow in their discipline as leaders.

Below are four disciplines that have impacted our Ambassadors and have ultimately been transforming in their lives: 

Discipline #1: Leaders Swallow the Big Frog First
by Annie Reed - Cumberland University

I have had the amazing opportunity to learn many leadership disciplines from SLU. One of my favorites is one that is taught by Brent Crowe in SLU 101: “Swallow the Big Frog First.” While this metaphor may sound silly, it holds quite a bit of power. One of the most important (and also difficult) lessons to master as a leader is time management and prioritizing. When it comes to getting proper and efficient work done, it is incredibly important that you prioritize your tasks and put forth the maximum effort possible. A good leader is a hard worker, and this discipline has prepared me to become more efficient and effective as a growing leader.

Discipline #2: Leaders Read, Go, Impact, and Point to Scripture
by Ashlyn Redmond - University of Memphis

"You will be the same person ten years from now except for the books you read, the places you go, the people you meet, and the scripture you memorize." -Dr. Jay Strack

  • The Books You Read
    Since the beginning of my SLU experience, I have read so much. Digging into books gives me new insight and intelligence. Leaders read.
  • The Places You Go
    This insight has been the most practical to me recently by going to Europe at SLU 301 and a mission trip to South America. I believe leaders should have traveling experiences that open their eyes to bigger visions and dreams for the future. Leaders go.
  • The People You Meet
    Recently, I met Mrs. Lucy. This beautiful and wise lady founded an orphanage in South America with a vision from the Lord saying, "You're not only serving these children. You're serving the generations." Leaders are impacted by other leaders.
  • The Scripture You Memorize
    Through my discipleship group, we have been intentionally memorizing God's Word. When people come into my path asking for advice, I can direct them to the Word of God. Leaders point to Scripture.

Discipline #3: Leaders Must be Readers
by Hannah Daniel - Union College

An SLU discipline that has affected my leadership journey has been reading. It has been said that “not all readers will be leaders, but all leaders must be readers" (Harry S. Truman). After hearing this as well as countless speakers emphasize the importance of reading, I decided to make that a priority in my life. I sat down and made a list of books I wanted to read (it currently has about 150) and set a goal to read a certain number each year. Reading different ideas, thoughts, and perspectives on faith, culture, history, and life has helped shape my leadership and life.

Discipline #4: Leaders Remember Faith Without Works is Dead
by Allie Heathcock - Bellevue Baptist Church

When I walked into my first conference at SLU 101, I had no idea what to expect. My previous notions of it were from former alumni who talked very highly of the program. What I left with and continue to experience today is a new grasp of faith. My faith with Christ was always focused on trusting His plan and His will. Student Leadership University has taught me to see my faith as a discipline unto myself, and to see the Godly gifts I have been blessed with, being intentional in their use. With SLU, I have come to realize my capabilities in and through Christ. This program has allowed me to grow into the potential God had already prepared for me.


The Student Ambassador program is open to students and alumni passionate about SLU, leadership, and their faith. As a member of our Student Ambassador team, students and alumni are given unique opportunities to become more involved with SLU throughout the year as they share their SLU story. For more information or to apply for the 2017-2018 season, please visit Applications are due by September 8, 2017.

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