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Moments 'til Midnight 

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."  This declaration is one that we all desire to proclaim and even in the midst of some of the most trying times in history, it is possible.  This generation of students has incredible potential and in his book, Moments 'til Midnight, Brent Crowe walks them through how to live with purpose, redeem the time and embrace the awesome reality that they too are on a sacred journey.  We can run this race together and cross the finish line victoriously. Moments 'til Midnight is a great resource that can be used in Bible or Literature courses, small groups or a series study.

Sacred Intent 

Life is fleeting so make the most of the moments you have.  We hear this statement time and again, but how do we incorporate this into lessons that can be taught to our students? In his book, Sacred Intent, Brent Crowe takes us on a journey from the perspective of time.  If life were only a week, we would strive to make every moment count.  Every decision, every thought, every action would be measured according to the time we have left.  This powerful resource can be utilized in classrooms or small groups to walk students through how to maximize their time and lean fully into their ability to influence, how to identify and follow their calling, and how to engage others in meaningful ways which will lead to strong and healthy relationships.  Students will learn how to harness the power of motivation and use that power to pursue their God-given dreams. 


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