Over the past few years, Atlanta’s Sojourner aka Sojo (Opposite Entertainment) has emerged as one of the most promising voices in hip hop. The sophomore release of his album, Fight Club, garnered him the #1 Spotify hip hop artist of June and July in 2015 as well as independent concerts across the nation. His passionate message of being a generation of people “fighting for others instead of fighting against others” won the hearts of fans young and old. After a successful campaign launch of 5,000+ members with ‘club cards’, Sojo was requested to share the Fight Club story on the 2015 Orange Tour for church leaders in fourteen cities.

As well as music, Sojo continues to speak to students and young adults, serves as a creative director to Bigstuf Camps, and is the emcee at Catalyst Conferences. He also continues to communicate throughout the six churches of North Point Ministries. Joseph has a passion for creatively engaging the next generation of leaders in the church and culture.

October 2016 he releases his most transparent EP to date titled, Am I flying or falling, while continuing to prepare for the follow up album to Fight Club for the winter. Sojourner’s love of Jesus, unique voice, and creative mind are why so many have begun to champion him a worthy voice of the next generation.

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