Student Leadership University has been privileged to host Youth Pastor Summit (YPS) for youth pastors and their teams for the past 20 years. Youth Pastor Summit, valued at $300, is provided as a gift to youth pastors, youth workers, youth volunteers, and educators as an encouragement and investment in those who are making a lasting impact in the lives of students. This is a two-day conference that includes speakers, labs, worship, lunch, and free resources for student ministries.

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Is the conference really free?

Through the generosity of Lifeway Students, our event host Word of Life, and other sponsors, this conference is being provided at no charge to all attendees. Lunch is provided, but you are on your own the rest of your meals as well as lodging, if needed.

What meals are provided at this event?

Through the generosity of our Event Sponsors,dinner is provided on the first day and  lunch is being provided on the second day. 

What meals are provided?

Through the generosity of our Event Sponsors, lunch is being provided on the second day. 

Any partnering hotels that give discounts?

We have partnered with hotels that are offering discounts for YPS attendees. 

Can my organization be an exhibitor at this event?

If you would like more information on how your organization can become an exhibitor at YPS, click here to download the 2017 information packet and levels and click here to apply online. 

Do I need to sign up for breakout labs in advance?

No. Breakout labs will be first come, first serve the day of the event.   You will get an event briefing two weeks before the event via email with descriptions to better help you choose the breakouts that woudl be best for you and your team.

I have a small child, can they attend with me?

We think families are great, and time together is important.  Yet, this event is only for those who are 18 and older who have graduated highschool. Absolutely NO children are allowed in the event. We want everyone to have the best experience possible at this event, so please make arrangements to leave your children at home.

What information do I need to register?

Each attendee needs to sign up through their own registration account as the system will not allow duplicate email addresses.

Who should attend YPS?

The Youth Pastor Summit is geared to all Youth Pastors and Key Youth Leaders (staff or volunteers). It is also open to Christian educators. All attendees must be 18 years or older. 

Will the sessions be recorded, and if so, where can I purchase them?

We will make every effort to offer this option at the conference, but this depends on speaker agreements for the year.  More information will be posted closer to the event time.  

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