ReImagine: What the World Would Look Like If God Got His Way


In Reimagine, author Brent Crowe unpacks a God-given theology of imagination, the role it has played in impacting the trajectory of history, and its application for everyday living. When we can imagine solutions for issues facing the family, the church, and the culture today, then, with God’s power and grace, we can act – and change the world. 


Building on the ReImagine session from SLU 101, Brent Crowe's Reimagine book dives deeper into the question asked at SLU: What would you do for the glory of God if you knew you would not fail? When we imagine a world where God is the center of our lives, anything is possible. If you want to be challenged, engaged, and inspired to do more for the glory of God, this book is for you.

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