At SLU 301, the leadership journey continues deeper into history as students traverse Europe, learning to think bigger about the world. As students experience the sacrifices made in the past and consider the worldviews of great philosophers who have paved the way, they learn that leaders are called to shape history and leave a legacy for Jesus that is larger than themselves.

July 21 - 28, 2019


  • London
  • Oxford
  • Normandy
  • Paris


  • Learn the meaning of sacrifice while standing on the beaches of Normandy
  • Walk the halls of the Louvre, witnessing the art of history inspired
  • Have a backstage pass into the lives of Churchill, Wesley, Newton, Dickens, and Bunyan
  • See with new eyes from the top of the Eiffel Tower
  • Understand church history in St. Paul’s Cathedral, Wesley’s Chapel, and Notre Dame
  • Explore the ideas that led C.S. Lewis to Christ inside Holy Trinity Church where he worshipped by the Creator
  • Dream like a history-maker 

SLU 301 2019 Pricing

SLU 301 Base Price (Flight not included)


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    Register By December 14th

    Register By March 22th

Student Price

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Chaperone/Parent Price (anyone 21 and older)

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New York (JFK)

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New York (JFK)

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Washington Dulles (IAD)

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  • DEPOSIT AND PAYMENT INFORMATION: More information coming soon. 
  • REGISTER EARLY: This trip has gone to a wait list between December and January for the last three years. Please make sure and get your registration in as soon as you can to guarantee your spot.
  • TRAVEL PROTECTION: We strongly recommend that everyone have travel protection for this trip.  Travel protection can be purchased for an additional cost based on conference rate and must be selected at time of registration. 
  • GROUP REGISTRATION:  Due to additional details needed for international trips (like passports, etc.), registration for SLU 301 through our online system is only set up for individual and family registrations. If you would prefer to register as a group, please see our FAQs below to get the details needed to set up a group registration.  

Contact an Event Representative

Nikki Hoffpauir

Kayla Forney


Are there age limits to attend SLU 301?

No, there is not an age limit on SLU 301 attendees.  The only requirement is that a student who is under 17 must attend with an adult chaperone. Many students attend while they are in college or have graduated, other students attend with an adult family member.

We also encourage adult family members to take the opportunity to attend SLU 301 with their students. Please know that we will do a lot of walking and this trip is physically demanding. Please be prepared to participate in 100% of the experience as an adult chaperone. 

Can I book my own flight to SLU 301?

Yes, you will meet SLU, with your luggage, at London Heathrow Airport baggage claim at 7:00 am on July 23, 2018.

It is your responsibility to meet up with the group on July 23rd. If you have flight delays or are unable to meet the group at the scheduled time, travel arrangements and costs associated with meeting up with the group will be your responsibility.

Please note that there are a number of different terminals at this airport and you will receive an email one month prior to the trip noting the terminal where you need to meet us if you are flying on your own.

Can I extend my stay, and get the SLU hotel rate for SLU 301?

Yes. We will be staying at a Heathrow airport hotel that is a £45 ($90) taxi ride into London. If you would like to stay at this hotel, you can request a room through SLU at the time of registration (on your online account). The cost of this hotel room is $160 per night for double occupancy.

Do I need a passport for SLU 301?

Everyone registered for SLU 301 will need a passport. The passport must be valid for six months after the completion of the trip. You will need to submit your passport number 120 days prior to your trip. To enter your passport information- login to your account, select registration & then select edit attendee.

Do you have any flying tips for SLU 301?

  • If your flight is delayed, or if you have an emergency on the travel date, you can contact our SLU 301 launch team staff member at your designated airport or our Orlando office at (888) 260-2900. You will be emailed their information one month before the trip.
  • For sleeping on the flight, try Advil PM, Dramamine or Benadryl with your doctor's permission.
  • When you arrive for your international flight: Immediately check-in and get your boarding pass and then check-in with your SLU staff member. One hour before the flight- you must be at the departure gate for your flight so you are ready to board.

Do you have any suggestions for booking a domestic flight?

For groups needing assistance making flight arrangements, SLU recommends that you contact Go Travel Company. Ask for Kathy Nau at 800-800-7703 ext 116 or With over thirty years experience in the industry, Kathy is a great resource in helping groups find affordable flights. For domestic flights, we suggest a minimum of 4hrs between domestic and international flight times.

How are people roomed together at SLU 301?

Rooms are double occupancy, but you may also select to have a room by yourself for an additional charge of $650. You may request a roommate by completing the Rooming List under the Important Documents section of your online account.

How can I register a group for SLU 301?

You have two options for registering you and your students for SLU 301. Either is fine with us - we just want you to be able to do what is best and easiest for you.  Either option below will ensure your groups are put on the same bus and in the same hotel as long as you fill in the same group name during registration.

  • Register as one Group through us via email:  This means your church/organization is paying SLU for everyone in your group.   You can only register this way through email.  You will need to email us at with the full legal names, dates of birth, individual email addresses, travel protection choice and flight choice for each person in your group.   Please note that you will be held accountable for the registration terms if you register this way (even though you don't "sign" the terms) like you do on our registration site. Go here to make sure you understand the trip terms.
  • Register as an Individual or Family through our website: You will choose this option if everyone in your group is paying separately.  We can still keep your group together on the same bus and at the same hotel, but you don't have to handle the payments as a group.  Just have your students enter the same group name when prompted so we know to keep you together.

What about security issues at SLU 301?

SLU does not send your child on these trips; we take your child. We would never risk your child's safety or our own. We actively watch for updates from the government on security issues or concerns. Should there be a major security issue, the government will alert the public and the airlines will respond accordingly. All travelers should consider registering at through the US Department of State as it allows them to better assist you should an emergency arise either at home or abroad.

What about travel protection for SLU 301?

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel protection as SLU prepays all hotels, meals, transportation, etc. 45 to 120 days before you attend the conference. We are unable to issue refunds unless otherwise noted by the terms and conditions during registration. Select the link below to find out more about trip insurance.

Click here for more information on travel protection.

What do I need to submit before I can attend SLU 301?

  • Your passport information- 120 days before departure.
  • Completed attendee information- 120 days before departure.
  • Final payment- 90 days prior to departure.
  • Rooming list- 90 days prior to departure.
  • Dietary restrictions- 90 days prior to departure.
  • Domestic flight information- 90 days prior to departure.
  • If you booked your international flight separately from SLU, this information is due- 90 days prior to departure.

What else will I need money for at SLU 301?

You need about $80 for meals, tips, and optional soft drinks. You can get British pounds and Euros at a local American Express office in the U.S. or your local bank. Credit cards are also widely accepted and shopping times vary based on the schedule.

  • Two meals-we suggest that you bring a minimum of 20 Euros and 15 GBP with you to cover these.
  • Bus Driver and Guide Tips. Each participant should plan to bring $40 total for this. Tips can be in any currency, as long as the value adds up to $40. We will collect half of this while in Paris and the rest while in London, so set aside during trip so you can make sure and not spend it.
  • There are optional tours that you may take advantage of during your free time at Oxford, such as the C.S. Lewis walk or The Christ Church, as well as great shopping opportunities so plan to bring some extra money for this.

What is the cancellation or change policy for SLU 301?

Regardless of reason, cancellations and transfers cost Student Leadership University. To offset these costs, the following fees will apply.


  • 120 days or more before departure: Deposit will be lost
  • 91-119 days before departure:  30% of the total cost of the program will be forfeited
  • 61-90 days before departure: 50% of the total cost of the program will be forfeited
  • 0-60 days before departure: 100% of the total cost of the program will be forfeited

Transfers or Changes to Accounts:

  • 120 days before departure: no transfer fee
  • 61-119 days before departure: $50 plus the cost of the airline ticket change (if airline allows change)
  • 14-60 before departure: $100 plus cost of the airline ticket change (if airline allows change)
  • 13 days and under before departure: transfer may not be possible due to VISAs and airline ticket regulations. If a transfer is possible, all costs incurred by SLU will be transferred to the attendee.

All monies are due 90 days before departure. Any registration not paid in full by this day will incur a $25 late fee.

What is the payment schedule and my payment options for SLU 301?

A $350 deposit is due at the time of registration, and an additional $750 is due on February 21, 2018.  The remaining balance is due on April 23, 2018. Any registration not paid in full by this day will incur a $25 late fee. You have the following options for your registration payments:

  • Paper Checks: You can mail these to our office (SLU, PO Box 649, Keller, TX 76244). Checks must be received within ten days of registration.
  • Electronic Checks: You can do this through your online account.
  • Credit Cards:  You can use AMEX, VISA, MC, or Discover. A 3% transaction fee will be added to any credit card payments.

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