SLU 201 Student Experience

Learn more about the SLU 201 experience from students who have been.

Recommended Reading List

Reading List for SLU 101, SLU 201 and SLU 301

Think Bigger: The Call of the Leader eBook

Learn leadership skills from some of today’s top leaders: Pat Williams, Dr. Danny Akin, Brad Lomenick, and Mark Miller. Download our free eBook, The Call of a Leader, and learn the four…

Lift Tour Leader's Curriculum 2014

Download the Leader's Guide for the Lift Tour - Spring 2014.

Dodgeball Event Guide

This guide is a proven template to hosting dodgeball tournaments as a means to gathering students in your community to hear the gospel. Item Produced by Impact Resources a ministry of Long Hollow…

Top 10 Trending Topics

During the summer of 2013, Student Leadership University surveyed hundreds of students ages 14-18 to discover the biggest struggles they face. Their responses reveal what's truly on the mind of…

THRU Curriculum Sample

This is a one week sample of THRU, a 52 week walk through the Word of God. It includes everything you need and can be adapted to any size or style of ministry. …