TJ Mauldin

TJ Mauldin

Worship Leader

We are a team that is bent on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world. Our call is multi-faceted in that we understand our hands are not meant to reach only the local or the easy or the popular places, but to all who have fallen short.

Our call is to the broken and weak, the beggar in need, the CEO, the housewife, the doctor, the sex slave, the waterless village we've never seen, thebroken sinner, the courageous saint, the successful pastor, the fallen in ministry, the star athlete, the widow, the orphan, the single parent, the thriving family, and YOU.

We are called to remind you that Christ has died for the forgiveness of your sin. He paid the sin debt of those who would believe and He is the only way to obtain such great salvation.

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