Shane Schauer

Shane Schauer

Worship Leader

Shane Schauer is a worship pastor and artist currently serving in Fayetteville, AR at Cross Church, pastored by Dr. Ronnie Floyd. His deep desire to see God’s people experience breakthrough in worship has only grown because of his own journey. After trying to conceive a child for four years, Shane and his wife, Chelsea, found out that infertility had become a reality for them. This news began a long road of depression, anger, anxiety, and confusion. “There were many Sundays where I was angry at the same God I was encouraging other people to worship”, Shane says. After seeking counseling, and acknowledging a prompt from the Holy Spirit, Shane and Chelsea opened their hearts and homes to foster care.

Shane and Chelsea's journey of spiritual and emotional healing, and now their hearts for adoption are what led Shane to begin writing for his debut EP “It’s Not Over”, which released May 2nd, 2018. The EP will lead listeners into a place of confession, hope, and worship with the end-goal of breaking down walls and allowing God to invade every part of our lives. “It’s my desire that believers experience Christ through worship in a fresh, authentic, and biblical way, and I hope that passion shows through every part of my life.”

"It’s Not Over" represents the local church at her best. The album speaks a rare truth about healing and what it looks like to walk any journey connected to Jesus. The journey Shane and his family have taken not only inspired these lyrics, but is proof that what he sings about is real. Don’t just label this a worship album...these songs are stories of healing. And it has no shortage of familiar names involved.

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