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Pressed But Not Crushed

Pressed But Not Crushed

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D
As it became more and more clear that Hurricane Irma would make landfall and significantly impact my home state of Florida, other things... read more
Charlottesville Today…What Happens Tomorrow?

Charlottesville Today…What Happens Tomorrow?

By Jeff Wallace
When I was growing up, my mom and dad were very intentional about exposing my siblings and I to a variety of people from all walks of life,... read more

Should Christians Apologize for Their Faith?

By Sean McDowell
The following post was written by Sean McDowell, Worldview Expert ... read more

My SLU Story: Gavin Rollins

By Student Leadership University
Today, we are featuring another of our amazing SLU alumni, who has taken the lessons learned at SLU and applied them toward achieving his... read more

Sermon Manuscript of Habakkuk 3:16-19

By Brent Crowe, Ph.D
<iframe src="//;byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="650"... read more

Salvaging My Identity

By Jennifer Mills
“Salvaging My Identity” is a book that has just been released targeted to girls and young adult women, in hopes to equip girls... read more

What's the Big Deal with Porn Part 2

By Sean McDowell
This is a two part message from Sean McDowell entitled "What's the Big Deal with Porn" from our SLU Think Bigger Webinar... read more

Why I Returned to the site of Black Hawk Down

By Jeff Struecker
CRU approached me about doing a video documentary of my experience in Mogadishu, Somalia.  This was the result of a little booklet... read more

Ed Newton Introduces The Lift Tour

By Ed Newton
<iframe src="//;byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="650"... read more

4 Reasons To Be At The Movies The Weekend Of Oct. 4

By Brad Hobbs
It seems as though whatever social medium is used we, as influencers of students, seem to be one giant chorus lamenting the culture that our... read more

6 Questions to Ask About Syria

By Brad Hobbs
I live in a nation that feels a profound and sacred obligation to defend the human rights of individuals around the world. In the course of... read more

"Man, that dude needs Preparation H" by Dr. Jay

By Dr. Jay Strack
I awoke this Monday morning with a bad case of the cold sweats. Now for my longtime friends, no, Im not having a flashback, nor am I... read more

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