Youth Pastor Summit 2014 - Brent Crowe

Check out Brent Crowe's message from Day 1 of YPS 2014 Orlando. read more


Dr. Jay Strack Named a Finalist for the John C. Maxwell Award

I am asking you to visit and leave comments to congratulate and encourage Dr. Jay for this nomination. The more comments he receives the better his chances are at winning the award so please feel free to forward this message on to anyone who has a relationship with SLU. read more


Put SLU Under Your Tree

Check out the packages for each SLU Program plus deals to expand your leaders library. read more


Salvaging My Identity

“Salvaging My Identity” is a book that has just been released targeted to girls and young adult women, in hopes to equip girls with the truth found in God’s Word about who He says they are! Let’s face it...we are living in a day & age where the Enemy is wreaking havoc on the hearts & minds of young women. read more


What's the Big Deal with Porn Part 2

This is a two part message entitled "What's the Big Deal with Porn" from our SLU Think Bigger Webinar Series. To view the first part of this message go to read more


Why I Returned to the site of Black Hawk Down

CRU approached me about doing a video documentary of my experience in Mogadishu, Somalia. This was the result of a little booklet entitled Bulletproof Faith that has been distributed to hundreds of thousands of warriors around the world. That booklet has introduced many men and women to faith in Jesus Christ by reading my story of the Battle of Black Hawk Down. read more


Tackling Trending Topics Webinar Series

The paradox of time is that as we progress into the unknown the issues our students face are constantly shifting, but the ideologies behind those issues seem not to change. This fall, Student Leadership University has gathered four youth experts to share via webinar on how to disciple our students in the face of these issues. read more


Ed Newton Introduces The Lift Tour

Join us this spring for The LIFT Tour, a world-class weekend experience that will challenge your students at all points in their spiritual walks to forsake selfish dreams, desires and demands, and embrace a Christ-centered lifestyle. Coming to a city near you, these high-energy events focus on on passionate worship, engaging teaching and spiritual discipleship designed to fuel faith within the hearts of teenagers to build mature followers of Jesus who don’t just survive in society, but thrive. read more

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  1. 2011
  2. Abraham Lincoln
  3. accountability
  4. Africa
  5. Alabama Football
  6. Biblical Insights
  7. Brent Crowe
  8. Calling
  9. Care for Aids
  10. Character of God
  11. Chasing Elephants
  12. Civil War
  13. Devotion
  14. Devotional
  15. Devotionals
  16. difficult times
  17. Disciple
  18. Discipleship
  19. Dr. Jay Strack
  20. Dream
  21. Failure
  22. Forgive
  23. Generosity
  24. generous
  25. Giving
  26. Historical Characters
  27. Impact Bible
  28. Internet
  29. Japan
  30. JD Greear
  31. John Wesley
  32. Justin Miller
  33. Leader
  34. Leadership
  35. Leadership Books
  36. Leadership Rocks
  37. London
  38. Luke 6:37-38
  39. man
  40. Matt Papa
  41. Ministry
  42. Natural Disasters
  43. Normandy
  44. November
  45. Orlando Magic
  46. Oxford
  47. Paris
  48. Pat Williams
  49. Peter Drucker
  50. pictures
  51. Preparation
  52. President
  53. Recommendations
  54. Red Letter Brand
  55. SLU
  56. Social Media
  57. Spiritual Giants
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  70. Wesley's Chapel
  71. Worldview
  72. Youth Pastor